Feed the Frontlines Western Mass is a project of the Western Mass Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO (WMALF).The WMALF is a regional coalition that brings together workers and leaders from different unions, trades, and towns to build a stronger and more unified voice for the more than 50,000 union members and the hundreds of thousands of non-union workers across Western Mass. We are committed to fighting for dignity and economic justice for all working people. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is showing the world what many of us have already known. Everyday working people, not bosses and corporations, are the lifeblood of our society. Everyday nurses, home health care workers, nursing home staff, EMTs, grocery workers, bus drivers, and the millions of other workers whose jobs are deemed essential, are heroically putting their health and safety on the line to perform the work that keeps our society functioning. Your donation is an act of solidarity that shows appreciation and support for essential workers. Donations will also provide valuable business to our partner restaurants by creating opportunities for their employees to prepare and distribute free meals to essential workers.

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